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The McCallum Cinematic Arts Department has teamed up with Peacetones and IBO ( to reach out to youth climate leaders everywhere. The students at McCallum are taking a first step to get the message out and will send a select group of students to Zambia in order to create a documentary on how climate change is affecting the country.

The documentary will feature musician/artist B Flow (Brian Mumba Kasoka Bwembya) who was initially recognized on a national level when nominated as an outstanding new artist in the 2009 Zambia Ngoma Awards after the release of his first album. He progressively began to focus his music towards educating Zambian youth and addressing issues related to gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS. He became involved as the brand ambassador for a variety of non-governmental organizations focusing on HIV/AIDS, environmental issues as well as the Obama Foundation and was selected to represent Zambia in Barack Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative. The goal of incorporating B Flow into the documentary is due, in part, to his appeal to the youth of Zambia. His excellent reputation within the American Music Industry and several appointments of leadership in several US based AIDS/HIV foundations will also enable his message to reach American youth. He is able to inspire both Zambians and Americans, bridging the two countries together to spark the formation of a citizen-based alliance focused on solving global environmental issues beginning with recycling initiatives.

This alliance fostered by the creation of this documentary will be achieved via the concept of digital pen pals which will initially connect Zambians to Austin youth to foster connections focused on conversations regarding creating successful recycling and cleaup initiatives and solutions in Zambia. However, once the initial concept has proven successful the movement has the potential to expand to encompass other global communities and a wider range of environmental issues consisting of ordinary citizens with a larger spectrum of backgrounds including experts in law, technology, and environmental sciences.